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Photos, travel and stories

Who I am and what I do.

With the camera as a tool, I combine my interests with work as a photographer, writer and tour guide. To live and see new places, meet people and experiences has been like a thread through my life. That attitude has taken me to many different countries, and even more experiences.


As born in Sweden and with a multicultural growth, I have met different cultures and, not least been given the world as the playing field. Often on the move has led to housing and work in several different countries.


My photography has a strong focus on nature, travel and hunting photo but I like to work with camera in all contexts where the customer places great value on what the image conveys. After many long periods in Africa, I even lead group tours to this fascinating continent.


We always have a choice. A choice of how we choose to look at a situation, our environment, each other and ourselves. I ´m convinced that a positive approach not only will stop us to limit ourselves but also rubs off on our environment.

Therefore, my photography and ways to work are varied to a variety of genres for the simple reason that I actively search for experiences that in some way inspire, challenge and develop.

My goals.

My goal is to show and provide experiences, information and knowledge through my pictures and texts. And as a tour leader I strive o to inspire people. Letting them go outside their comfort zone and collect experiences. Experiences that builds them up and that they later on can share with their surroundings.


My partners are important to what I do. Together we achieve great things and I´m proud to work side by side with these companies.

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